Vacuum Forming



      High Speed Thin Gage

      Inline Forming

      Heavy Gauge Forming

      Single Sheet Forming

      Rotary Forming


OEM Parts:


      Recreational Vehicles

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Rotary Thermoforming

up to 5' x 9'.

Design Plastics can build your vacuum forming

tooling in-house.

3 & 5 axis CNC Trimming Machines, up to 5' x 10' x 3'.


Thermoforming is a fabrication process of plastic in which sheets of plastic are heated and formed over specific types of molds.


There are two basic categories for thermoforming, thin gauge and thick gauge.

Thin gauge thermoforming consists of plastic sheeting that is between .010" and .040" and usually comes on a roll and gets fed through the thermoforming machine on pins or spikes.  The products made from thin gauge plastic are primarily used for things like clam shells, blister packs, disposable cups, food containers, plastic lids.  Moreover, think of thin gauge products as recyclable and temporary.


Thick gauge thermoforming consists of plastic sheets between .080" and 0.50" and are auto fed into the thermoforming machine.  Products made by thick gauge are usually a more permanent product such as parts for automobiles or recreational vehicles, medical equipment, shower enclosures, refrigerator liners and reusable plastic pallets.



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